Mdbook style issue (on e.g. the rust book)

mdbook sites have been looking funny for a while now

(showing this page)

I recall happening upon an issue or a thread about this a while back, and that it apparently has something to do with an upstream having updated their CSS. I also recall seeing something to the effect of, it should only occur if you look at the book on nightly and then on stable. Or something like that.

In any case, I can't for the life of me find that thread now, nor do I seem to be able to purge this demon by clearing my cache. What's the word on this?

(I could've sworn the bindgen users guide was affected too, but it seems fine now)

This is which should be fixed by now.

Okay, so evidently clearing the cache is not enough. I suppose that since the issue is tied to something called "localStorage," I guess chromium users have to clear... their cookies?

Since I don't enjoy losing my cookies, I decided to instead pop open the dev console and invoke


which has finally resolved the issue for me, but there are probably other users who continue to be impacted by.this, at least until... I don't know, does localStorage expire? :confused:

You could do that, or you could switch to another theme and switch back, which is a bit easier.

Given how long it took until the bug was even reported, we'll probably have a person or two, but I don't think it's an epidemic.