Rust-gdb and windows

I have the same problem with rust-gdb found in these topics

In both topics, I can't find any solution to solve problem or how it should work. The topics are closed or to old I believe.

Here is the error message we get to remember
error: the 'rust-gdb.exe' binary, normally provided by the 'rustc' component, is not applicable to the 'stable-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc' toolchain.

I get the same message when I switch to the gnu toolchain only with different that there stand gnu instead of msvc

Does rust-gdb with windows in general work, or us all developer Linux and compile the things later only for windows? A Hello World program with rust + eclipse works and runs, but to do more with rust a working debugger is a must.

I use rust 1.51.0, and yes, I start today to look at rust and how it works and how I can get stuff working.

And I found workaround that suggest to use gdb but they didn't work either.

See here Windows Debug hello World -> Unable to launch Rust Project from selection · Issue #149 · eclipse/corrosion · GitHub

At this time I Use gdb 10.1 perhaps that the problem or something else

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