Eclipse "Install missing rls component in rustup"

I’m new to Rust, and have just installed it on my Windows 10 computer. I’m now trying to set up Eclipse 2019-03 for Rust use. I’ve installed Rust support, but I keep getting a message telling me to “Install missing rls component in rustup”. How do I do that?


From command line, you need to run

rustup component add rls

I tried that. I got:

C:\Users\digit>rustup component add rls
error: component ‘rls’ for target ‘x86_64-pc-windows-msvc’ is unavailable for download for channel ‘nightly’
If you require these components, please install and use the latest successful build version,
which you can find at

After determining the correct date, install it with a command such as:

rustup toolchain install nightly-2018-12-27

Then you can use the toolchain with commands such as:

cargo +nightly-2018-12-27 build

I can’t work out how to get “the correct date”.

Does Eclipse require specifically Rust nightly? The nightly versions have a problem that sometimes rls is missing (you can try yesterday’s date, date before yesterday, etc.).

If Eclipse works with stable, then the best solution is:

rustup default stable
rustup component add rls

I think the nightly was because I was following the instructions I found here. Your version works, thanks!