Rust at FOSDEM 2018


It would be great for rust to have a devroom at FOSDEM this year. I don’t have any experience with organizing FOSDEM devrooms but I am willing to give it a try, unless someone with more experience is motivated to take the lead (in which I am still happy to help).

We have until the 20th of September to submit a devroom proposal, which is not a lot of time.

So, is anyone already working on organizing this?
If not, anyone motivated with helping me out?
Any advice?
Anyone willing to attend and give talks?


cc @skade @ehiggs @timonv @alevy (from your participation to the FOSDEM 2016 thread).


Hey Nical,

Thanks for reaching out. Here’s the 2016 proposal:

The Rust Language devroom is a focused developer devroom around the brand new Rust programming language and its rapidly rising opensource community. This year has been great for the language. Meetups have popped up all over the world, 1.0 has been released, and the very first Rust conference has been helt. The goal of this developer room is as follows:

  • Show Rust-enthusiasts the latest advances in the Rust ecosystem
  • Provide hands-on training on specific topics of interest to Rust developers
  • Demonstrate to new contributors how to get involved in Rust’s legendary community
  • Collaborate on Rust-related projects
  • Expose Rust to new audiences

Coordinator’s affinity to the topic of the devroom:
I work with the language and organize the Rust meetups in Amsterdam.

Why does it fit FOSDEM
Rust is a rapidly growing systems programming language, yet many systems projects are stuck with C or C++. We believe, and many projects have shown, that Rust is a solid replacement for these kind of projects, providing both benefits for the developer and the costs of the project. It’s also a lot of fun. In the developer room we can build on the growing community, present new, exciting projects and present the compelling techniques Rust uses to make systems programming even more fun. There’s also a lot happening in the future of Rust, which we will also present. Reports from meetup organizers have let known that their meetups are packed. The Rust presentation on FOSDEM last year in the Mozilla room by Steve Klabnik was also packed.

Considering the rapid rise of the language and the flock of new contributors with every release and all the exciting things happening in the near future, there should be more than enough highly interesting and technical content!

Relevant URLs:

Both days

And here’s the reason for declining it:

To clarify, your request was perfectly valid, but we had to choose.
Unfortunately we do not have a sufficient number of rooms at our
disposal to cover all requests. This year, we had over 60 requests
for a devroom and were only able to accept 37 of those. However,
some requests have been combined into a single devroom.

At the end of 2015 however, Rust was booming, but relatively small. 2018 is a whole different year with so many hot things going on that I can’t imagine the proposal gets declined. As a general tip, make sure you mention all the hotness in the Rust scene and especially why it’s a big deal in the open source community. Most who will read the proposal might not be that familiar with Rust.

For organizing a room, there’s several guides about that should help a lot.

Good luck!


A devroom proposal for FOSDEM 2018 has already been submitted, see


Excellent! Thanks @lucab and @timonv


@nical, thanks for pinging me here, but I have no more interest in supporting FOSDEM in any way. I’m happy for those that can and want go, but this bridge is burned for me.


@nical the devroom proposal has been accepted