Rust devroom @ FOSDEM?


Hallo Rustceans,

I’m currently searching for people that would like to run a Rust devroom at FOSDEM 2016. Devroom submission is likely to start soon and be rather short.

For those that don’t know about FOSDEM devrooms: the conference is taking place at the University of Brussels and offers projects to get a room for a day to have talks. The luxury part is that all the rest is organized by the conference, including equipment for taping the talks. The room organization basically just needs to run a call for papers, submit the timetable ahead of the conference and be there on the day - maybe hold a camera. It’s a very doable task and also good for people that have no previous experience in event organizing and want to tiptoe. I’d find it good if Rust were present at the event, it’s the largest FOSS-Conference in Europe and given the reception of Steve’s talk last year, there is definitely interest.

I helped organizing the Ruby devroom last year and can assist with a little bit of knowledge.

There’s a problem for me though: we had multiple incidents of various severty on this years FOSDEM, which were badly handled from FOSDEM side. We are still talking to FOSDEM about this and it has been dragging on. For that reason, I’m not sure if I actually would attend the 2016 edition. If that weren’t the case, I would just try to run the thing myself.

Still, I’d find community presence there important. It’s a great opportunity to reach many people with overseeable effort.

Florian (rust-community team)

Rust at FOSDEM 2018

I am interested in helping. However, I will also be involved in a HPC devroom if such a room is accepted so I don’t think I can take on a core role until the dust settles.


Well, any help is appreciated, even if it is just reading proposals and ranting about pentabarf. :slight_smile:


The call for participation it out.

Key dates:

9 October
   - deadline for developer room proposals

19 October
   - accepted developer rooms announced

2 November (or earlier)
   - developer rooms issue Calls for Participation

18 December (or earlier)
   - developer rooms publish complete schedules


I’d be interested organizing the proposal etc and certainly in organizing on location assuming I am able to attend.

I guess the first order of business would be putting the proposal together in the next couple weeks? Florian, are you able to share the proposal for the Ruby room last year so we have a template to work from?


Sure, the proposal is here:

Feel free to copy liberally.


Just a quick FYI, after mailing around a bit, I’ll be doing the main organization of the room and I’m going to do the best I can to make this all happen and a blast :smile: I’m going to need at least two volunteers on site, and all the help I can get is welcome!




@timonv I can volunteer to be on site. (Or rather, I do volunteer and await your acknowledgement.) :wink:


Thanks @pnkfelix, @ehiggs and alevy! Could you contact me and so I can keep accounts?


Deadline for the proposal is tomorrow (9 October). How are things looking, @timonv?


No worries! Proposal has been submitted a week ago :smile:


It seems the Rust devroom for FOSDEM wasn’t accepted. This can happen as it’s an extremely popular conference.

There will, however, be a Mozilla devroom. How much cross over do the Mozillans expect to have with the Rustaceans? If it’s not very much then maybe we should organize a BoF session or some other event.


Traditionally the Mozilla devroom has been home to talks about web technologies, exciting Firefox tech, the Mozilla Developer Network, digital literacy/privacy/security, etc. It’s not clear to me that many of the talks that would usually fit in a Rust devroom would be accepted by the organizers of the Mozilla one, so a BoF session is probably the way to go. That being said, a general “what’s up with Rust/what’s exciting” talk might get traction.


I am going to FOSDEM for the first time :tada: (even though I live at less than 2 km from where it’s organized) and I was wondering if there is something being organized by / for the Rust community?


Our application for a room was rejected, so there will be no Rust-driven program at FOSDEM this year. I’m definitely not going to FOSDEM, personaly.

I would recommend trying out the Mozilla table or to drop by the Ruby room, some people there do know about Rust.


So there is no Rust meetup planned (even without devroom)?

That’s sad, I was really looking forward to meeting fellow Rustaceans :slightly_smiling:


Well, FOSDEM isn’t that much focused on meetups beyond the devrooms. You can always try to fetch a few people on site using twitter, though the crowd there isn’t that much into social media.

Rust @FOSDEM 2017?

Ok, thanks!
I guess I will see if something comes up on twitter last minute or so.


Come to think of it, you might wanna try hanging around with the Ruby devroom people a little. Christophe (@_toch) and Tyler (@agentdero) are really nice. Christophe knows a lot about the local scene in Brussels. Tell them I (Florian, @argorak) sent you.