Rust-analyzer does not provide intellisense on vscode, no errors are shown

I've uninstalled and then reinstalled rust-analyzer so I do have the latest. I can see the rust-analyzer section in settings in vscode. However when I go to the output terminal and select rust analyzer language server or rust analyzer language server trace, both screens are empty.

i get no intellisense, no code completion, no hover over info, basically nothing. There are no errors I can see.

What can I do?

  1. Sometimes this happens to me with projects that have build scripts. Does yours include any?
  2. Can you get any intellisense /completions on an empty/dummy Rust project?

I've found that the code you're editing has to actually be referenced in order to get editor support. I imagine this is more to do with the actual compiler than anything specific to rust-analyzer. cargo build only loads those files that are referenced by the main/lib/bin files, so effectively ignores any stray files even if they're .rs. The editor plugin appears to do the same.


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