R-A not working in VScode. No server output

I'm running the "Pre-release" extension (version 0.4.1314) on Ubuntu 22.04 in vscode 1.74.0 and rustc 1.68.0-nightly (neither installed with snap). I'm not seeing any hints / highlighting.

I'm working through a Bevy tutorial and when I first open vscode, there's a spinner at the bottom that says "Indexing" and while that's there, if I mouse over things, Loading... pops up. Once it finishes, I get nothing anymore. If I go into "Output" > "Rust Analyzer Language Server", it's blank. Trying to call sudo <...>/server/rust-analyzer analysis-stats . I get back [ERROR rust_analyzer] Unexpected error: "cargo" "--version" failed "cargo" "--version" failed.

I get highlighting/hints in dummy projects, but the output is blank and I get the "cargo --version failed" error no matter what project I'm in.

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