Qt Creator for Rust development


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Is there any progress on this great project?


Hey, thanks for your interest in my pet project!

It’s definitely a project I intend to push to a usable state, but at the moment I have difficulties to find the time to work on it. Step 1 is done, and I started working on step 2. It’s taking some time because I want to integrate into QtCreator correctly, by allowing the user to declare/configure its Rust compilers, and to let QtCreator autodetect the Rust compilers installed on the system (in QtCreator options, this is in build&run/compilers). I’m doing the same for Cargo, so that it will appear the same way as CMake appears in the options. My intent is to make it easy to compile a project for both a stable version of a compiler and a nightly one. Also, I hope it will enable the possibility of cross-compilation of Rust code in the future, that QtCreator already provides for C++ code.

I took a lot of time at the begining of my project to setup a continuous integration that produces a Rust-tailored version of QtCreator, as a Windows installer. I want to do the same for Linux, but I haven’t found a CI service that suits my needs.


This sounds very promising. If you need any help I would be glad to be the one to help you.

Do you publish your results anywhere?
Do you plan to release this as a free extension to Qt Creator when it’s finished?


I would also be very interested to see this, as I am also a fan of QtCreator. While I don’t foresee myself having munch personal project time for the next couple months, I’d be happy to help out once I do have time.


The project is hosted publicly. It is licensed under MIT for now, but I am transitioning to LGPL because I am currently copying from code that is itself LGPL, and this forces me to make the transition.

I’d certainly welcome any help, if you want to join. I wrote a (very) small guite for the potential contributors. A fellow gentleman already forked my project to make it compile on Linux (changes are not yet integrated), and he may work on the project again one day.

Again, thanks for your interest, this helps me stay motivated!


is this project still active?


Unfortunately not. I would love to have personal time to continue this project, but my life is full at the moment.

It’s a shame because now is a very good time to work on an IDE plugin for Rust. Part of my motivation to work on this plugin was to be ready to interface with the “oracle” when it comes out. Discussions about the oracle started long ago, and it is now becoming a reality with the recently announced Rust Language Service. I’m a bit sad I’m not able to contribute to the Rust IDE effort that is going on right now.

Much of the work I did was setting up the basic infrastructure with a full CI chain that creates a ready to use installer for QtCreator + the Rust plugin bundled together. This is still a solid foundation to build on, I think. There is a fork of this project on Github (the original project is a Hg repo on BitBucket), that only adds a couple minor fixes for Linux and throws away the CI service altogether. It is now inactive too.