New project: TimePlot. Log your activity, visualize and analyze it

Visualizing your performance can help you understand how certain things impact your computer work, properly bill customers for freelance tasks and potentially fight procrastination. Or maybe just get new cool graphs.:slight_smile:

Official README:

This is my biggest Rust project so far. Generally, it is more oriented for solving an exact problem I had (lack of logging data and visualization), rather than writing perfect code. That being said, any code suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.:slight_smile:

P.S. I’ve used a similar personal tool (written in Scala) for years. It lacked graphs, statistics and thus self-encouragement though. The new Rust rewrite is an attempt to fix that, and appeal to a broader audience. I’ve made an extra effort to support MacOS and Windows in addition to Linux. The extra platforms should work, but I could not test them. Bug reports, as well as reports that everything works, are welcomed.)