Mdbook-pandoc: a mdBook backend powered by Pandoc. Render mdBooks to PDFs and much more!

mdbook-pandoc is a mdBook backend powered by Pandoc, a mature document converter. Sample rendered PDFs are linked in the README.

I wrote mdbook-pandoc to be a high-quality, full-featured mdBook backend for rendering LaTeX-based PDFs. Quoting the README:

  • When mdbook-pandoc was initially written, existing mdbook LaTeX backends (mdbook-latex, mdbook-tectonic) were not mature enough to render much besides the simplest books due to hand-rolling the markdown->LaTeX conversion step. mdbook-pandoc, on the other hand, outsources this difficult step to pandoc, inheriting its maturity and configurability.
  • "Print to PDF"-based backends like mdbook-pdf are more mature, but produce less aesthetically-pleasing PDFs. Additionally, mdbook-pdf does not support intra-document links or generating a table of contents without using a forked version of mdbook.

By building on Pandoc, mdbook-pandoc can render high quality PDFs, and should also be able to target all of the other formats Pandoc supports. I haven't tested non-PDF formats, so feedback on how mdbook-pandoc performs on them is very welcome.


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