Exporting docs to EPUB

Hi! Is it possible to export Rust Book and Rust By Examples to EPUB? Have you a couple of hints, please?

We used to officially provide it, but it's fallen by the wayside. We plan
on doing PDF/EPUB officially eventually. For now, though:

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Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately that Ruby script depends on pandoc, and the last one doesn't exist in official repo of my distribution (and unofficial way to install results in all-world-Haskell - again unofficial - installation). Probably there is a way to avoid pandoc - to get single md/html file would be sufficient. Isn't there?

Hi there,

I generated this copy from rust master using pandoc and the Ruby script just today.

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Got it. It seems the book doesn't follow pandoc expected format in a whole - there are plenty of not-formatted code fragments mostly started with "rust,ignore". At any case - thanks!