Is it a good idea to create a big Rust documentation site?


While we have curated lists for everything in Rust I thought that if it was great to have documentation of various things of the language organized in another fashion, rather than the lists (obviously not detracting them).

Also I was thinking the idea of having the option of converting documentation to PDF form and adding Rust documentation in other languages :world_map: .

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Relevant prior art? and

I think you’re describing something like an Are We Web Yet? curated list of interesting docs in the Rust ecosystem. I especially like the goal of including static downloads and encouraging better language support.


this would be kind of nice for e-readers, epub export option would be nice tooo


Potentially worth noting - mdbook (the standard tool for Rust prose documentation) has an experimental epub exporter:


Pressing “Print” and choosing “Print to PDF” worked like a charm on my Samsung tablet. I’m assuming it works on Windows and Linux, too.