Livecoding an N64 Emulator

Hey guys, last Friday I started livecoding an N64 emulator in Rust! The idea is to come in with not much knowledge of the hardware, and try to capture as much of the process as possible - raw and unabridged.

You can catch the first two sessions on youtube:
Ferris Makes Emulators Ep.001 - The Journey Begins
Ferris Makes Emulators Ep.002 - Will it Boot?

And ofc the project is on my Github!

I'm currently streaming them on Twitch, but I may try some more to do it on instead; we'll see.

I've already shared this on /r/rust, and I must say I'm quite thrilled with the feedback so far. It's been incredibly positive, and this community has already been super resourceful! So thanks for all the help already you guys. This has been super fun, and I've barely even started the CPU :smiley:

Also, when I actually stream etc. ends up pretty much up in the air, so I'm really just announcing via my twitter for now. Now that I've started this thread I can probably post in here as well, and any other channel suggestions are welcome!

So that's about it, hope you like it :slightly_smiling:


Also, I've made a youtube playlist that will contain all the segments in order moving forward.

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I forgot to announce this earlier, but I've been streaming for the past couple hours :slight_smile:

Just got done with the third session; you can view the VOD already here, and the content will also be on youtube in a few hours :slight_smile:

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