Ferris Makes Emulators - A livestreaming series


Hey all!

I’m fairly certain a lot of you have already seen/heard of my livestreaming series “Ferris Makes Emulators”, but if you haven’t, it’s basically a livestream where I make emulators and do some other things as well. :slight_smile:

I figured I’d start posting announcements when I plan on streaming here, especially now that I plan on doing so more regularly. The time slot I’m aiming for is Thursdays at 20:00 CET. This includes today!

Come check it out and hang out with us live on twitch or you can check out my youtube videos/playlists where I upload all of the recordings afterwards. I also usually announce these on my twitter if you prefer following that.

Hope to see you then :slight_smile:


Today we’ll be doing more work on Rustual Boy, a Virtual Boy emulator! We did some work on this last week as well, and though I mentioned many times that I want to get back on rustendo64 soon, I’m kindof on a roll with Rustual Boy atm and would like to take advantage of the momentum. Making great progress :slight_smile:


Episode 014 is up on youtube! :slight_smile:


Ep.015 - Mapping the VSU will start this evening 20:00 CET on twitch! This week we’ll be starting on implementing the sound hardware of the Virtual Boy. Hoping to at least get some sound out of it today, even if it’s just a .wav dump. See you then! :slight_smile:


Ep.015 - Mapping the VSU is now up on youtube :slight_smile:


Ep.016 - Blasting Through the VSU also on youtube already


Ep.017 - Envelopes and Play Control on youtube! :slight_smile:


Ep.018 - Sweep and Mod on youtube

(probably should’ve called it “Timer Woes” or something :slight_smile: )