Is there a working lightweight xmpp-client library?

I'm trying to enable my Raspberry Pi to send and receive simple text messages via XMPP. Surprisingly gave my a rather disastrous user experience:

  • xmpp no usage examples, no helpful description, repository only visible with gitlab account
  • xmpp-derive promising description but looks empty to me
  • xmpp-client no usage examples, looks incomplete
  • tokio-xmpp examples look horribly complicated to me - don't know how to integrate that into my application
  • sendxmpp cannot receive messages; tried to copy the code but it doesn't compile against current tokio module structure
  • xmpp-proto fails to compile
  • xmpp-rs fails to compile due to xmpp-proto failing
  • xmpp-im empty crate, repository link 404
  • xmpp-core empty crate, repository link 404

I found other (old) repositories in GitHub, but I couldn't bring them to life.

Maybe I'm using it wrong. I still believe there is a winning path but I've hit so many dead ends in the recent two days, that I don't know where to continue to invest my time.

Is there a working example on how to send/receive XMPP text-messages easily? Nothing fancy required.

You might take a look at, which is using tokio-xmpp.

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Thank you.
After some SSL-troubles I'm now trying to figure out how to create a config file:
thread 'main' panicked at 'Cannot read config file missing field accounts', aparte/src/
I didn't find an example and I'm now trying to reverse engineer that part :frowning:

Managed to set it up, but it crashes upon connect. sigh

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