Feedback required: mpd crate


Hi there.

I just migrated my mpd crate to rust stable. This is still a work a progress, as it is effectively a full rewrite, and I wanted to review the crate’s API.

This is a simple Rust-only library to communicate with Music Player Daemon.
There’re some uncompleted pieces (like database search API), and the API is not generally stable, but if you could give me some feedback and advice, maybe point out any API design mistakes, it would be most welcome.

I came to Rust from high-level programming languages (like Python and Scala), and I have little to no experience with systems programming, so I’m especially interested in systems programming experts view on my code. Thanks!

Full docs:


Cool project! Just a small nit for the docs: It’s “idiomatic”, not “ideomatic”.


Thanks. Sorry for mistakes, English is my second language.


no need to be sorry. I’m glad to help where I can. :+1: