Would you like to maintain `uuid`?

Hi everyone!

The uuid crate is a fundamental library. It's been around for a long time and now there's talk of stabilising the crate. As part that process we'd like to find the library a new home, outside the nursery, under a loving maintainer in the community (or possibly a GitHub org).

If you're interested in helping stabilise and maintain uuid going forward then please respond here/join the gitter channel we'll work out a path forward :slightly_smiling_face:


I will go through the program tonight and see if I get the urge to get going with this. :slight_smile:

In other words I am interested but just want to make sure I can commit to it


Ok, had a look at uuid, and its issues. And I can say that I can say I can commit. Its relatively a small crate, so it should be much in terms of maintaining it. As per stabilizing, I have some ideas and ofc the guiding hand of the gurus :slight_smile:

edit: I am kinggoesgaming on irc and KingGoesGaming on Rust Discord (preferred).


@kinggoesgaming beat me to it, but I have offered my help on the tracker to help review code :slight_smile:


Maybe we should create some sort of "rust-community-crates" organization where we maintain community crates which are used by the broader community but are not maintained by a single person.

I'd love to participate in such a organization!

Edit: This could also be a place to put abandoned crates if one of the members of the community wants to maintain the crate ("maintain" as in "Update dependencies once in a while and merge pull requests" not necessarily as in "continue developing the crate").

Edit 2: Changed rust-community to rust-community-crates as former might collide with the community teams name. :smile:


Hey I can help with this.

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ninja'd you :wink:

I like this very much. Although with this one big question that rises from this is "Who handles the administration of the entire organisation?"

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Have a look here. I'd love to have more discussion over there (also because I don't want to hijack this thread).


A community organisation for adopting and maintaining crates sounds interesting to me! Over time I think such an organisation would need some dedicated leadership to help triage issues over an increasing number of crates. We'd also need to be careful that newly added crates had people in the organisation on board to maintain them. Otherwise it might end up like a dumping ground. I'm also interested in repurposing rust-unofficial to include more actively maintained libraries.

We don't need to block uuid on this though. Perhaps we can start by setting up a GitHub org specifically for uuid, including everyone here who's interested in helping out, and then either shift uuid into another org specifically for community crates in the future, or repurpose the uuid one? GitHub makes it easy to shift repositories around.

What do you all think?


This sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Also the uuid's organization can become a bit of testing ground on how we deal with the crates organization. But yes this should not directly interfere with uuid stabilization and should be left to a separate discussion.


Yes, this sounds great. Any important project (even small ones) need more than one maintainer, anyway.


Alrighty! I've created a uuid-rs org on GitHub and sent you all invites.

Next we should be able to just move uuid out of the nursery into this org and GitHub will take care of redirects. That might need to wait until tomorrow, but will try to keep things moving :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone who's put their hand up to help!


I've also set up a gitter channel.

For code of conduct I was thinking we could use the contributor covenant. What do you all think?

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@KodrAus I do like the Contributor Covenant, and it's also what the Rust Code of Conduct is based on, so I think that's a good idea for consistency.

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I wish we could have a slack team instead. Makes it easier to follow esp at work. Will try n see if I can finally get used to gitter :grin:

we can probably add a gitter <-> slack bridge sometime in the future

Contributor Covenant sounds good to me