XMPP crate recommendation

I need to build a CLI chat application that uses XMPP.

I've considered https://crates.io/crates/xmpp-parsers/0.19.2 and https://crates.io/crates/tokio-xmpp

But they are not documented

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libstrophe, maybe? Found it on an old reddit post asking the same question (personally I never used it). Looks maintained and has documentation.

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Looks good :+1:
I'll check it out

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Hey, I'm one of the maintainers of the xmpp-rs crates, (of which xmpp-parsers and tokio-xmpp are part of). We'd be happy to get feedback if you have any. You can join xmpp:chat@xmpp.rs?join, or in the repo, https://xmpp.rs.

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Thank you so very much @pep

I commend the effort of the maintainers thus far.
What I need is a guide on using the crates. :sleepy:

I need it XMPP to build a CLI a chat application,

There is no guide indeed so far. There are a few examples in the crates, either tokio-xmpp or xmpp-rs. xmpp-parsers is what the name says, parsers, it converts XML elements (minidom) to proper Rust structures.

I really invite you to join the room, there's a lot more people that can help there.

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Thank you very much.
Is there any XMPP client for mobile (Android OS) which you can recommend

(also available from Google Play)

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Thanks a lot @pep. I just checked out the examples. They should provide enough requirement I need to get started. I'd be glad to work on the documentation one of these days :relaxed:

Been trying to connect to this xmpp:chat@xmpp.rs?join cant see seem to figure out f-droid

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