Is there a good online/video course that teaches computer science with Rust?

I wanted to learn very low level programming and doing very raw data related stuff with Rust while doing everything low level with Rust. Is there some good course that teaches this?

The Rust book is a good starting point for pretty much everyone. Have you read the book?

No fully.

Does it go into low level and does it actually end up teaching me how low level works (i.e. computer science)?

Computer science typically refers to algorithms and data structures rather than low level stuff. What kind of low-level stuff are you looking for? Interacting with C code? Working with pointers?

You may like these:

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I want to avoid using C if possible, only Rust.

Thanks, will check it out :slight_smile:

For this part, I recommend you to read this book, albeit not using Rust


Yes, CS:APP is great! It covers caching, virtual memory, reading and writing x86_64 assembly, the stack and the heap, linking, performance considerations, basic networking -- all kinds of stuff that's useful to know when writing low-level code. One of my favorite textbooks ever.

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