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I've read "The Book", but tbh, I find myself that I don't really know rust. I mean, if I skip through the book's chapters, I think to myself, yes, I know/understand that etc, but when it comes to actual "doing" stuff I struggle. I know one of the best ways to learn a language is to make a project in it, but I feel that I don't have enough foundations still to tackle anything but the simplest exercises.
Could anyone recommend some good source of learning materials - perhaps more advanced not just the basics, may it be a book, youtube channel etc.
About you tube channels, I of course I am able to do the search for myself but I've tried couple of times and either I'm finding videos on very basic subjects, that I already know or, the videos are made by some random guy and are so poor quality that watching them is simple a waste of my time.

Have you tried the rustlings course? It interactively walks you through a series of problems covering fundemntal Rust topics.

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Intermediate level videos: Crust of Rust

Topic-specific articles for further reading: Awesome Rust

I have felt exactly the same! I think it's not surprising as some details can be really tricky in practice.

I can recommend the Rustlings Course too. It did help me to get more practice.

In the end, I additionally needed to experiment on my own and take time to understand everything. If you are stuck with a particular problem while experimenting on your own, it may also be worth a try to ask this forum. Most errors from the compiler are easy to understand, but some are really tricky.

For me, reading references can be helpful too, but I guess that won't make much sense until you are mostly familiar with the language (and the reference isn't really intended to learn the language, but it did help me to get a better understanding and to re-think about certain issues to remember them better in the long term). Most people wouldn't want to learn that way, I think.

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When it comes to Youtube there is:

Jon Gjengset: His presentations usually centre around creating something significant with Rust. A TCP/IP stack for example. Well advanced from basic introduction. In fact quite hard work to keep up with. Some are quite long.

Ryan Levick: Somewhat easier going.

On the basis that writing something, anything, is a good way to get into a new language I started out, after making my way through much of The Book, by having a go at rewriting some simpler, not so huge, programs I had previously written in C/C++. That at least got me comfortable with Rust. The down side being that the results were more like the C/C++ they started out as rather than being "Rusty".


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