Best Way To Learn And Improve Rust Skills

Hey Rustacean !

I’m learning Rust for a week, mainly from the official book (second edition) that I ordered from amazon and from the docs.

I would love to hear tips from you about how to learn Rust efficiently. (Also books or other learning resources tips would be great)

I’m full stack developer with great experience with JS/TS and Python.
And some basic experience with Java and C.

Rust right now seems really great and interesting language for me, it is really enjoyable and not scary like other low level languages like C and C++.

Thanks in advance for the tips !

Well, if you have experience as a developer with other languages, then in order to improve your coding skills in Rust you should do what you have done before with other languages: practice by solving problems within domains of your interest.

I'm intrigued about this. What's that "official" book you are talking about that you ordered from Amazon? To me it sound like you got scammed; I have never heard of such thing as an official book being something that you have to pay for.

From "The rust programming language" online book:

This text is available in paperback and ebook format from No Starch Press.


Like Sabastian menthoned there is the printed version of the online book (sometimes reading book is better when we sitting in front of the screen whole day).

This is true too, but with my experience its necessary to gain good knowledge of the language to be able write overall good code.

Actually having good understanding of the core base is really important term of continuing using the language for our interest of domains.

For example today in my free time I learned about the ownership, and I think that the book is written in very understandable way.

Would be interesting for me how you learned the language using the offical Rust book/(E-Book) or is there better resource? or better resources for experienced developers?

@moy2010 && @SebastianJL Thanks for your comments ! :grin:

In terms of learning the "correct" way to do things, I'd suggest reading the source code of popular crates. You can also read the source for the standard library but that tends to be a little more arcane.

Another option is to post code on this forum to ask for tips on better ways to structure things. Similarly, reading posts on this forum can be helpful in understanding things about the language that might be hard to discover on your own.

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You can also use Introduction - Rust By Example to gain some practical knowledge, as well as Rustlings.

Other than that, I would simply finish reading the online book and start practicing. If you have any questions along the way, you can always ask here in URLO.

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