Advice on Learning resources

Hello. I've been looking to extend my knowledge on Rust. I have been making my way through the book but often times it scoots by things I have more questions on a little too quickly. I was curious what resources were out there that would help someone learn more on the language itself. Video guides or courses would probably be best for my current state of consciousness and time availability (something I can easily pause and return to).

I have experience across C and C++, C#, Java, etc etc... so anything that helps someone coming from those languages get up to speed on the nuances and differences is even more helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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I would suggest this by quinedot , it covers many tricky topics:


This video was helpful for me at the beginning:

And this book by Blandy, Orendorf & Tindall published by O'Reilly:
"Programming Rust 2nd Ed."

I hope there will be a third edition soon. This book is partially more comprehensive than "The Book".


Thanks to both of you for these. I am going to check them both out. :+1:

For the time being though I'd like to leave this open for a bit longer to try and collect some more resources; but again thanks to you both.

Look at this article...