I'm releasing a Rust related image under a noncommercial license, as well as asking for comments or advice related to a new image


Hello Rust community! I commissioned this image, which I’ve posted before, as I planned to use it for a new free Rust book that I am working on. I think the artist did a fantastic job, but unfortunately I feel like I rushed into things head first without doing market research or thinking ahead. I purchased a commercial license for it (as I will accept donations for my book when it is finished, even though I will allow for noncommercial copies to be produced and distributed freely), but have decided that I no longer will be using it commercially, as I have determined that it isn’t best suited to the spirit of my project now that I’ve spent more time thinking about it and doing market research.

Thankfully for me, the artist who drew it is letting me commission another work at the noncommercial rate, and to transfer the commercial license from this image to the new one. So, I no longer have a commercial license for this image, but still have a noncommercial license for it. So, I am hereby releasing this image to the Rust community under a noncommercial license (which is the only license I own for it). Please note that the Rust trademarks are the property of Mozilla.

So, this image is hereby released to the Rust community for any noncommercial use that is not in violation of the Mozilla trademarks. Ferris and so on have been released from copyright by the person who thought of them.


My suggestion, and desire, is that the image be put on rustacean.net as another piece of Rust related art (though with the disclaimer that there is no commercial license for it). I don’t know who owns rustacean.net or how to bring this about though.

The second part of my post is simply to ask if you have any preferences or thoughts regarding a new piece of work, which is going to be created by the same artist as did this one. If you give suggestions, please realize that I may use them as part of a new image that I will not be releasing in the same manner as this one, and rather will be using for a book cover in a project that I will eventually accept donations for.

I realize that the cover of a book is not nearly as important as the content of it, but I am a perfectionist and want everything to be fantastic in the end – and although I like this art I’ve decided that it isn’t reflective of the way I’ve decided to take things after conducting my survey.

If not ideas, please comment on this image and let me know what you like or dislike about it from an artistic point of view, so that I can take your commentary into consideration as I brainstorm.



I thought that this image was cute when you first posted it. Thanks for making it available under a non-commercial license.