Ideas for a 3-6 month project


Hi all! I’m not sure, if this is an appropriate question to ask on this forum, but would like to give it a shot anyways.

I’ve been following Rust for quite some time, though not very closely. Recently I quit my full-time job and finally was able to dedicate a few weeks to familiarizing myself with the language and some of the tools/infra. Superb quality of documentation and availability of a decent IDE made it a very pleasant experience, and, like many others here, now I’m finding myself craving for more. Additionally, there are quite a few signs, that Rust might become more popular and wide-spread one day, so it might make sense to invest a small effort now for possible future prospects. Even more so, if it can be of some help to Rust’s ecosystem.

So, closer to the point. I’m unemployed and, frankly, would prefer not to go back to the office anytime soon :grin: What would your advice be with regards to undertaking a moderately sized project, which could bring some utility to Rust and its’ community? Think 3-6 months for an experienced developer, at reasonably fast pace. I’ve been skimming through github and cargo, and it seems like a lot of stuff had already been done, which is great but makes it difficult to come up with an original idea :slight_smile: (or maybe it’s just me sucking at it…)

Anyways, what software is still missing here? Thanks in advance!


I’d love to see a async mongodb driver.


Paid gig: port 2,200 lines of clean C++ to Rust

Sweet! I have some background in P2P file sharing, so this might be interesting.

Overall, very nice list, thanks!


Does anybody on this forum have some experience (to share) with Halide?


I’m wondering about Halide too. I can’t quite tell why the creators refer to it as a “language” that is “embedded in C++”, rather than just a library, and I also can’t tell what it provides beyond support for SIMD and CUDA.