I want to confess one of my regrets

Yes, this is a confess about my career regrets. I MUST START TO RUST 5 YEARS AGO!!!

I have 10 years of web development experience. I started to my career as Java develop but now I have strong experiences about Laravel, React and other necessary things (mysql, redis, memcache etc...). And I have good experience about OOP and TDD. I heard about Rust first time about 5 years ago, but I didn't like it at that times. Because it isn't OOP lang and it has different behaviours. For example ownership&borrowing, no exception handling, not inheritence etc... I was think that OOP is best paradigm for writing code and all other languages which doesn't have OOP features are sh*t. BUT I WAS WRONG :cry:

After 5 years later, now I feel that my brain is free (like Neo in the Matrix). I read lots of blogs and articles about Rust and now I apologize from Rust. I didn't understand Rust's power and benefits at that time. The more I learn Rust, the better I understand what an amazing language it is. I'm understanding that why Rust is most loved lang, why it is using for blockchain and wasm projects, why it has borrowing features, why it doesn't have exception handling, what's going on behind the scenes. And my love is increasing when I learn lots of things about Rust. I was think that writing code is an art, but writing Rust is greater then this.

Hey Rust, please accept my apologize and after this time I will be with you <3


Even if I sympathize with your feelings, we should make it clear that many of the innovations that you have pointed out did not start with Rust.

The innovations that led to monadic error handling from exceptions, going from null to Option, Composition vs Inheritance, the ownership model, and so on, didn't originate in Rust.

It's just that Rust is the first language to put all of them together and reach out mainstream usage. As someone said in one of the TWIR quote of the week (Not with these specific words, but bare with me :rofl:):

"Rust is the amalgamation of all the best practices in the software industry from the last 30 years".


Rust was presented as Technology from the past come to save the future from itself.

It haven't quite worked like that plan, though: AFAIK it's ownership-and-borrow system is much more advanced than any of it's predecessors had, but almost everything else is something which academy explored in the end of XX century.

And that's a good thing for a productions language. You don't want untested ideas there.

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And what is your feeling of code chatbots?

Ironically, one of the guiding principles of OO Design Patterns is:

"Favour composition over inheritance." :slightly_smiling_face:

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