I finally got Rust properly installed and compiling

Needed VS_2019 and the C++ build tools. What is a good next step ?

I think reading the rust programming language is the best option because rust is unlike other popular languages, writing code without reading the book might be frustrating

I have been playing with Rust for about two months now in my spare time. Unlike most folks on this board, I am not a software engineer or developer, just a hobbyist.

What I have done thus far:

  1. Download & install Rust

  2. Read the paperback version of the Rust Programming Language. I confess the last third or so of the book was overhead my head but for now I am still learning.

  3. Downloaded the source code for the book. You can get it two places that I am aware of:
    3a. https://github.com/rust-lang/book/tree/extract-files (Click the clone/download button then use
    the 'listings' directory from the unzipped folder).
    3b. The Rust Programming Language (Covers Rust 2018) | No Starch Press (Click the download source code link)

  4. Use the online version of the Rust book - The Rust Programming Language - The Rust Programming Language - and walk through each section doing all of the examples. There have been a few places I have had to refer to the source code from the authors to get my typed in code to work. I am about halfway through chapter 11 online right now.

After I finish doing the online version of the book, I plan on creating Rust versions of a bunch of the various apps I have written in C previously.

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