I closed old threads 😁

Hey everyone!

As some might know, lots of very old threads were still open, since they had been created before the automatic topic timer was introduced. After coming across the nth necroposted thread today, I looked at the situation, saw that threads can be sorted by latest activity, and this forum supports bulk-selecting and bulk-closing stuff. So I closed… well… all of them :tada: (and added a topic timer to a handful of old topics with recent posts)

Of course I couldn’t look at every individual thread affected during this operation. If you know of any thread I just closed that should not have been closed, feel free to answer here or PM me :slightly_smiling_face:.


and, if you have the urge to make all those blue bubbles go away, you can:

  1. Click on the hamburger menu on the top right
  2. Click on Unread
  3. Click on Dismiss...

(yes yes, I was visiting old threads one by one :upside_down_face:)

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Oohhh… does closing a thread notify people? Only the person that opened it the thread though, I guess?

It adds it to the "unread" list and gives a count of new replies (the blue bubbles) for people tracking it (which includes anyone who commented on it, read it for too long, or explicitly indicated they wanted to track (and didn't thereafter change it to not tracking)). I assume it would give a notification to anyone watching the thread (which is stronger than tracking it), but that may just be the thread creator.

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I got a few "Latest" unread bubbles, but like, literally 14 and not hundreds for whatever reason. I just manually cleared them (but in case hundreds show up later, thanks for the tip @azriel91).

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Ah, only now I understand what we’re talking about, it’s just that “Unread” tab (that has a number > 400 for me); I kind of never clicked on that thing, and never minded the blue bubbles much :innocent:; well, then it isn’t quite as bad as I had initially understood, and that “Dismiss” button seems straightforward to spot.

As far as I could tell, closing threads does not push them up on “Latest”; that’s something I made sure of before closing a lot of topics.

Regarding numbers… if I remember the dates correctly, it looks like new topics have topic timers since October 2019, so e.g. @quinedot that’s a year after you joined here, which means that older users might have significantly higher numbers from engaging with more threads opened pre-late-2019. On the other hand, high numbers of unread posts is also something one would get by just stay away from the forum for a longer time, so it’s not an unusual experience, and it’s a one-time thing only now anyways ^^

I do keep my unread at 0, and just entered to 827! But at least there's a reasonable explanation... I'll dismiss them and hope there was nothing real mixed in.

If you sort the “Unread” tab by the “Activity” column, all real activity should be displayed on top, right? Or does the closing affect those dates in the “Activity” column? Is the “Unread” tab maybe even sorted this way by default?

Umm, too late for me to find out now... :grimacing: No worries.

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On a technical level: closing a topic special-cases the bumped_at but not the posts_count.

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