How exactly is "downloads all time" calculated on

Is it normal for it to be visibly out of sync with the "Downloads over the last 90 days" line graph and not change for several days at a time?

I ask just because I noticed my crate here has been sitting at 111 for "downloads all time" for a few days now, while the graph shows a consistent non-zero number of downloads for each of those days.

There seems to have been a prior resolved issue earlier this year regarding the download stats, so I guess I'm just wanting to make sure this isn't some kind of recurrence of the same thing that I should open a new issue on Github for.

Oddly enough I just found this video of a presentation by Sean Griffin about the problems they had and the progress they made with in the last year: State of the :

In it he describes in detail the difficulty they have with what seems like the simple task of counting downloads.

Sorry about that! The script that runs in the background and rolls up the download numbers to the crate level was erroring. We've fixed the problem and the records are updating again and everything should be caught up soon. I've also filed an issue for adding better monitoring to alert us of this problem sooner in the future.


Sounds good, thanks for the quick reaction time!

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