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Hi all,

I published a new version of a crate today, and noticed that the download chart shows lots of downloads for the new version already — it even shows downloads from last week when the version wasn’t published :slight_smile:

The crate is version-sync and the new version is 0.8.1. Here is how the download chart looks like right now:

The download count should be zero for February and March.

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It looks like a frontend bug, the data being returned from the API only has the 6 downloads on 2019-04-03 for the latest version along with counts for other versions in the history. Looking at another crate at random seems to have a similar issue where it’s attributing all the downloads to version 0.6.3.

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Right – the bug is still there. Who runs so we can make them aware?

Oh, there is a mail address at the footer and I’ve now shot them a mail.

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