How does one get to the language reference page?

Hi all, I have this confusion all too often, so thought it's time to vent it here...

as I go to, it redirects me to Learn Rust - Rust Programming Language

where I only have such options as

Call me stupid, but where is the "Reference" link where I could just see all the stdlib modules documentation with search and all?

what is the "right" way to get to the methods implemented on String or Pattern or File? I only seem to be able to get to those from IDE hints (occasionally) or from Google search, but never from the Rust website...

Either add "/stable" after the domain name or scroll just a bit on the landing page there's a big yellow link "The Standard Library".

A website I use:, it redirects everything after the domain name to a search on the reference docs.


Scroll down to:

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Indeed! :))) fgs... ok, I would really expect it to be one of those blocks, but I am just a peasant so...

I guess no one has such tiny displays as I do lol ))))))) so no one notices this problem except myself is cool, I will memorize it, for sure!

I've also used the fact that redirects to the standard library docs, but is great to know about!

I suppose there's also rustup doc to open the local copy of the docs it downloaded, but I've never thought to use it myself...

rustup doc --std is enough of a staple for me that I have a shell alias for it. For aesthetic reasons alone I'd find it odd not to use the docs I already have locally installed as part of the toolchain. More practically, unreliable bush internet makes it very handy.

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