How to get std doc?

I want to get a copy of std doc offline.

Type the command rustup doc --std in your terminal.


I use Rust offline. I can't find rustup command or folder on computer.

How did you install Rust and what is your OS?

My OS is Windows 10. I am offline.

How did you install Rust? The standard method is to use rustup, and if you use that method, then my command should work. If you used another method, you'll need to tell me, as I am otherwise unable to help you.


Assuming that you used the standalone installer and that the folder layout created by the installation is similar to the one provided with the .tar.gz on linux, you might try to

  • locate your cargo.exe or rustc.exe executable e.g. by typing where cargo.exe in the terminal
  • go up 2 directories from the directory containing that executable, find a folder called rust-docs there
  • navigate to rust-docs/share/doc/html/index.html from there and open that in a browser, then look for “The Standard Library” and click on “extensive API documentation”. By the way, many links on this overview page are to locally installed documents, including e.g. the rust book.
  • or try going to rust-docs/share/doc/html/std/index.html in the explorer or the terminal and opening this in the browser to go directly to the standard library docs

Please let me know if this works.

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Yes, I used the standalone installer. I have found the folder and index.html, and I can open the rust book, but can't open "extensive API documention". I can't find the std doc from the ~/doc/rsut/html/ folder.

I checked the .msi installer. Looks like the docs should indeed be included. Maybe it’s not a folder called rust-doc but since you already found the book, that shouldn’t be the problem… Can you try again looking for the std folder? (There should also be an alloc and a core directory next to it.) std/index.html should be in there.

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You are right. I found the std folder. Thanks!

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