Newbie advance docs


I am having a difficult time using the docs. My preferred documentation style reads more like a header file, not starting with examples. The examples show how to use a function but does not give return value type. This make it difficult for me to chain the example snippets together. For me the power of a language are the libraries( crate ).

I like the concepts and syntax of rust. I see huge potential as a IoT language because is runs embedded and in a browser.

You sold me on the language, now sell me with the libraries.



Maybe you’re looking for the std reference?

#3 has API docs for basically all crates you can find on The rustdoc search is pretty good. And that minus button on the top right can quickly hide/show descriptions so you only see the signatures.


That minus sign made all the difference, plus the discovery that the search was local. I recall spending several days clicking around like a savage before I found search.