GUI libs recommendations

Windows doesn't really have a native UI anymore, Win32 is legacy and their effort is going into WinUI.

But WinUI is limited to C++/C# (Because it requires specific compiler support), and WinUI3 is just an external library that implements their new "design language", anybody can implement it in their own libraries but you'll have to recreate everything from scratch.

You'll have better luck with something like Qt, it's got the controls already implemented for you, it's cross platform from the start, and large companies trust it enough to use it for their products (e.g. Microsoft use it for the OneDrive UI in Windows)


Just use SDL2....I am rewriting all my tools from C and SDL into Rust...with SDL2 you also get a lot of media stuff too...once you get the time SDL2 is the way to go.....

This one smoothly connects Rust and Flutter, the best of two worlds:rust_in_flutter | Flutter Package

Disclaimer: I'm the maintainer of this framework

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