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I planned to start making games with the rust out of curiosity, when I started looking for a suitable library, I realized that all of them are bad or do not support mobile development at all, at the time of 2020, at the moment is it possible to make a game for mobile with rust. And what's the best way to make games on the rust you would plant me, and is godot-rust a good choice for me.Or for example Amethyst, is a good choise? and whether it supports mobile dev.

The current hotness is bevy. Mobile is not as well supported as desktop and WASM.

is it a good idea to use godot-rust?,I read that bevy is still in active development

Yes, I think godot is fine.

Gamedev in Rust is young, so you'll find that a lot of crates are still in development and evolving.

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thank you

Obligatory link to

With the caveat that I've not actually tried it: for mobile support, you should strictly only need the windowing library to support it, and the most popular one, winit, claims pretty complete support (if a bit fiddly looking to set up for Android). Most rendering libraries either wrap winit themselves or ask you to pass the raw os handle that you create from it, so there shouldn't be an issue there. It's possible higher level engines can break this by depending on specific os apis, but I'd be surprised?

Bad is subjective, I suppose, but in general I'm not sure what you mean by "do not support mobile development at all"?

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