Game Development with Rust


I would like to start coding a game with Rust and I am looking for tutorials. So far I found this book: Hands-on-rust.
Is there any other recent resources that you would suggest ?

It depends on where you want to start:

If you want to begin with a game engine like Unity or Unreal (although quite not at their level yet), then look into Bevy.

If you want to have a rendering engine abstract away the details about rendering, but don't want it to make decisions about how you lay out your app, then try something like Macroquad.

If you want to make all the decisions about how rendering is done, but don't want to deal with backend switching, then WGPU is the best idea.

For all three of these, the best resources are examples in their respective github repos and asking around for people who've used them before.

I help moderate the Rust Gamedev Discord Server, and the authors to most of these are there, although these tools all have their own specific communities.


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