Fluvio Cloud: A distributed streaming platform in Rust

Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce the launch of Fluvio Cloud, the fastest and easiest way to get started with Fluvio's real-time streaming in Rust! Check out our announcement blog post where we give a quick rundown on how to get up and running with a free account.

Fluvio is an open-source (github), high-performance, distributed streaming engine, written from the ground up in Rust. Fluvio lets you produce and consume messages from topics, where your messages are stored in a persistent, immutable log. You can use the CLI or the Rust or Node client libraries to send and receive your messages, making it easy to interact directly with streaming data from your applications.

Fluvio is still in alpha and under rapid development. We want to hear from you in order to better understand what use-cases are most valuable and to learn how we can make Fluvio the best data-streaming experience possible. Comment below or visit our Discord to say hello and let us know what features you'd like to see in the data-streaming world of Rust!

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