Parallel Streaming with Kafka and Redis

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to build the Yahoo Streaming Benchmarks ( in Rust. I wanted to use Tokio.

  • What do you recommend, what I should learn first and how to go about it?

I started building a kafka consumer in Rust with this library:

I am writing my bachelor thesis and have to use Rust for it. I'm quite a newbie to Rust and my programming skills overall are mediocre. I did a lot mathematic Python algorithms before. Now i learned some basics of Rust but i'm struggling about how i should proceed.



  1. Is tokio-kafka even active ? Last commit is from 2018.
  2. Check which supports streaming
  3. Not entirely sure what your goal is. From the brief glance at Yahoo Straming Benchmarks it seems that Spark/Storm/Flink read data from Kafka Broker and write results to Redis. The data generator that puts data on appropriate Kafka topic is written in Clojure. Is your objective to re-write the generator ? Or something else.

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