FLIF (Free Losless Image Format) decoding interface


Hey there!

I just made a small interface to the FLIF (flif.info) decoding library in Rust. This image compression algorithm seems to beat WebP for all kinds of images, and of course PNG and JPEG, while being losless. Moreover, any preface of the file is a thumnail of the final one. I felt it could be useful for Servo, even though it needs much testing and the algorithm itself is in heavy development.

Here is a video of PNG (adam7) vs FLIF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByH7RMsMxBY

And here is the repository: https://github.com/Razican/libflif_dec-rs

Contributors welcome!


Any chance the crate will also add encoding in the future?


The thing is that the library is only an interface to the original C library (and it should be like this until the format is finished). Then probably a Rust implementation will arrive to Piston Image library. Until then, encoding has an added problem: the license, while the decoding library is pretty straightforward :slight_smile: