What's everyone working on this week (35/2020)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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I needed ForceAtlas2 for a Python script, but the Python implementation was too slow. So I'm implementing ForceAtlas2 with n dimensions in Rust.

I'm also still working on a modular interoperable P2P videoconferencing/streaming system (now I'm on the session module, for enabling a server to handle several connections).

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I'm writing an AVIF serializer, so that you can use rav1e to create AVIF images without needing a line of C code.

I released yesterday the first version of Mailgun API to send emails through Mailgun in rust. In this week I will implement for that library the next feature of the roadmap and if I have time I will start to work in the Dropdown component for Yew Styles

I'm writing tooling for AVIF images (new compression format, half size of WebP).

I'm continuing to play with a Rust playground that compiles code into WebAssembly.

As a result, we can build entire virtual systems and use it for education - I recorded a short demo for smoltcp-based in-browser virtual network.

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