What's everyone working on this week (35/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Yesterday I successfully defended my thesis on sediment flux in headwaters of the Oregon Coast Range. This does not benefit the rust community, like Ralph Jung's work, but all the modeling is done in rust (the reservoirs crate).


I just got my lossless video codec working. (PNG-inspired filter + brotli) It performs better than H264 on a mostly static 1080p 30 FPS screen capture (a few kB/s vs. 300 kB/s), but badly when you move windows or with a noisy video. (3 MB/s peak, too much latency)

The filter (that attempts to make the image simpler to compress) is almost the same as PNG's (Paeth, i.e. you take the difference between adjacent pixels), but you also take the difference with the previous image.

Surprisingly, for single images it's slower than PNG, so I'll test it with deflate instead of brotli.

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