Finishing the book, what's next? (advanced resources on Rust)

Hi all.

I have been studying Rust for a while. I am now finishing the book , and I was thinking about: what's next on my Rust learning journey?

So, can you share some advanced resources where I can continue learning and become an advanced Rust programmer?
From experience with other languages I know that just studying is no substitute for coding experience (doing some real project, hitting the wall, see what works what not). Still, it can accelerate the process.

I also found 2 other books on areas of my direct interest:

Thanks in advance.

I recomment that you bookmark the Rust Cheat Sheet, which contains a tremendous amount of relevant information.

Addendum: I should have pointed out that the last section of the cheat sheet lists a number of really good resources.


I made a little book/project for this learning phase that you might like:

I also recently found this blog series with a similar philosophy:

Either way, the next step is to write code and not read more books. Once you have a little bit of experience writing code under your belt, you can jump in to more advanced books.


Yes, thanks a lot. Bookmarked here. It seems to have a lot of good stuff there.

Thanks for sharing. I found a bit funny that the first phrase is pretty much the name of my topic " "I just finished reading The book. What should I do next?" :smiley:

Yes, sure. As I mentioned when I first posted that was also my experience with other programming languages. But I do intend to do some project and extra learning in parallel. Sometimes I am too tired to do something productive and creative, but I am still ok to acquire some knowledge passively (read a book or watch a tutorial).

Thanks for the answers so far. Good stuff, please keep them coming :wink:

For videos, be sure to check out Jon Gjengset



One area which I really felt I did not learn enough even to get started was macros. Even though the book says " With this in mind, as well as the fact that most Rust programmers will use macros more than write macros" , that does not seem to be the case from topics here and the crates I see announced (they do have some macros).

So, can someone point where to best learn macros?

The Little Book of Rust Macros is an excellent resource for this. It hasn’t been updated with the latest language changes, though, so you may see some minor inconsistencies between what it says and what the current compiler does.


Thanks. I will check the macros book

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