Textbooks on Rust

I am trying to find a couple of books on Rust for my son for Christmas. He is in his final university year in N.Ireland and has taken an interest in the language.

Any suggestions?

Rust book is quite good for newcomers.

Any books above Beginners?

I'll be honest, Rust doesn't have a ton of media in physical form. There are, however, a number of "books" available for free online. At least with The Rust Programming Language, the contents are identical.

This book assumes that you’ve written code in another programming language but doesn’t make any assumptions about which one. We’ve tried to make the material broadly accessible to those from a wide variety of programming backgrounds. We don’t spend a lot of time talking about what programming is or how to think about it. If you’re entirely new to programming, you would be better served by reading a book that specifically provides an introduction to programming.

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Assuming by "above Beginners" you mean something more advanced and that goes beyond introductory material. The Rustonomicon is another place you can dive into. It describes itself as:

(...) However if you intend to write unsafe code — or just want to dig into the guts of the language — this book contains lots of useful information.

Again, it is online/digital and not physical form.

I recently started a subscription with Packt specifically to get access to their Rust programming books. Some of them were quite good. I liked the subscription so I could browse books and focus on the ones I found most useful. But they are also available in print.

Without knowing more details, I'd recommend:

  • Mastering Rust - probably similar to O'Reilly's Programming Rust or Manning's Rust in Action
  • Hands on with Concurrency in Rust - very good deep dive into the subject
  • Hands on Functional Programming in Rust - more practical / less academic than most FP books
  • Rust High Performance - some good stuff, but hard to tell if it's what you'd want without a read

Cheers, very much appreciated

I agree with Packt as a source of good Rust books, when I was looking for something more complex after concluding the beginner book, I found and really liked this one, because it was a lot of content in one book. I'm more than 3/4ths of the way through it, and I've learned a lot of details that help building real applications (like cleaner/terser ways to error handle or logging libraries). Importantly, I don't feel like there is much overlap with the free beginner's book, which is what I was afraid of. Any shared topics are explored in depth.

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