Exercism desperately needs Rust mentors

Hi, people. I have been learning Rust with the help of Exercism.

It’s a fun way to learn a new language. I recommend it for any Rust newbie like me.

That said, I am waiting more than a week for a mentor to review the last submission of mine, so I asked Exercism admins for help. That was the answer:

“We don’t have many Rust mentors but they have hundreds of solutions per week to review. We desperately need more Rust mentors.”

So, I am asking you guys to join Exercism as a way to foster Rust community growth. Exercism tasks are fun, short exercises easy to review for any Rust programmer.

Thank you.



Ok, I wouldn’t mind to mentor people on exercism, but since I’m not a rust expert, I will first follow the mentored track myself. Just subscribed. If I feel comfortable after that I will mentor.

That’s exactly what I plan to do myself, najamelan. I remember from the time when I was learning C++ that helping other people was a great way to polish my own knowledge.

Thank you very much.

I had heard of Exercism but never really looked into it; I guess it’s time to mentors.add(self), then :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting this. It’s sad that there’s a lot of solutions remaining in the queue for a long time. Added myself and invited a friend of mine! :smiley:


I shall be joining the legion, too. Let’s clean up that backlog!


Thank you for the heads up! I just joined and mentored a couple of waiting solutions.

I kinda want to mentor as well, but figure I should complete the track first… which exerbates the problem for now, but should help in the long run! Thanks to everyong who’s mentoring already :slight_smile:

FWIW, you can follow the Rust track yourself and mentor solutions to exercises you’ve already completed simultaneously. I’ve just become a mentor even though I’ve only solved about 40% of all Rust exercises.


From reading https://exercism.io/become-a-mentor – it’s not clear to me: are mentors paid or is this purely volunteer work?

Fairly possible that I’ll go the same way, since the last lessons look like something I should yet learn, but at the first steps I perhaps could be useful even now. Thanks for noting this!

Since students don’t pay for their lessons, it’s unlikely that there are funds to pay mentors. I presume that it’s volunteer work, giving back to the greater Rust community. In a way that’s similar to what Rustaceans do when they answer queries in this forum.

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To the best of my knowledge:

I think the difference here is

  • volunteer work for a community VS
  • volunteer work for a company w/ employees

That’s good information, I’ll do that, thanks!

“volunteer work for a company”? Please allow me to disagree. To me it sounds more like “volunteer work for the community thru a company”. Yes, that company makes money, much like StackExchange makes money. I see no problem with that, as long as they do their job.


I got my exercise reviewed by a mentor. I think that backlog is diminishing right now.

You guys are making a difference. Thank you very much for such a generous response.


That said, as far as I can tell, we still need more volunteers!

My first weekly mentoring report is in, and:

  • New solutions submitted: 961
  • Solutions submitted for mentoring: 255
  • Total solutions mentored: (by all) 114
  • Current queue length: 587

This means the queue length has grown by up to 141! (“up to” because some of the submitted solutions may have been retracted)

I am NOT attacking Exercism’s business model.

I had to spend time on my own to figure out that:

  • Exercism appears to be a for-profit company
  • Edercism does not appear to pay Mentors

I think these are two relevant facts that others in the community may also find useful before deciding whether to join Exercism or not.

I hardly see anything to substantiate this claim.

  • Wikipedia describes the organization as not-for-profit.
  • Searches for “exercism income statement,” “exercism business model,” or anything of the sort come up bone dry.

Viewing the LinkedIn page as logged off on my phone, it shows 5 of the employees’ names and “positions” at LinkedIn. These positions are:

  • Kotlin Mentor
  • Java and Kotlin mentor
  • (blank)
  • Software Developer/Web Developer
  • Volunteer Rust Mentor & Maintainer

All but the fourth one are currently employed in at least one other corporation on their profile, and the fourth one only has non-business engagements listed. As far as I can tell, these are not people making income related to Exercism. They are people who wanted to put something on their resume.


Students don’t pay for the service, the privacy policy states they don’t distribute user info to 3rd parties, and there are no ads, so how could they generate income?

I don’t think there is anything nefarious or untoward going on with exercism.