Exercism desperately needs Rust mentors


Hi, people. I have been learning Rust with the help of Exercism.

It’s a fun way to learn a new language. I recommend it for any Rust newbie like me.

That said, I am waiting more than a week for a mentor to review the last submission of mine, so I asked Exercism admins for help. That was the answer:

“We don’t have many Rust mentors but they have hundreds of solutions per week to review. We desperately need more Rust mentors.”

So, I am asking you guys to join Exercism as a way to foster Rust community growth. Exercism tasks are fun, short exercises easy to review for any Rust programmer.

Thank you.




Ok, I wouldn’t mind to mentor people on exercism, but since I’m not a rust expert, I will first follow the mentored track myself. Just subscribed. If I feel comfortable after that I will mentor.



That’s exactly what I plan to do myself, najamelan. I remember from the time when I was learning C++ that helping other people was a great way to polish my own knowledge.

Thank you very much.



I had heard of Exercism but never really looked into it; I guess it’s time to mentors.add(self), then :slight_smile:



Thanks for posting this. It’s sad that there’s a lot of solutions remaining in the queue for a long time. Added myself and invited a friend of mine! :smiley:



I shall be joining the legion, too. Let’s clean up that backlog!