Want-Ad: Beginner Seeks Mentor



I’m looking for a mentor. My Google-fu didn’t reveal an official place for this, but point me in the right place and silence this post if there’s a better spot. Otherwise, here’s my personals ad:

I have:

  • years of dynamic web languages and shell scripting experience
  • experience as a mentor in other languages (never a mentee)
  • 3-10 hours / week to invest
  • no “pet project” or focus in rust
  • would like to become a mentor, when I reach the appropriate skill level

I’m looking for:

  • someone to “grade” my exercism.io very basic exercises for problems and unrusty paradigms and syntax and help me find something to do when I finish all those.
  • ~1 year commitment, through 2017-Jan-01. This might sound odd, but as a mentor I’ve found that specific time commitments are good.
  • willingness to accept my direct chat/IRC messages or endure an occasionally back-and-forthy email threads. Not necessarily real-time, but at least weekly.
  • general feel for rust language syntax, idiomatics, and “best practices”
  • patience for answering remedial questions related to compiler errors, mem allocation, differences between types
  • 2-5 hour weekly commitment, I estimate… so, that’s a lot of time
  • bonus: has a pet project with basic tasks I could eventually contribute to


I am interested, but I live in UTC+9. What is your time zone? (I am not interested enough to stay up late.)