Exercism website to learn Rust

Has anyone used Exercism to learn Rust? If you have, what is your personal experience. Is it more helpful than using the Rust Book?

I would really really really suggest to start off going through the book at least once and learn Rust like it's your first language, in the meantime you can practice from exercism or other resources later.

Also don't forget the standard library. It is very readable once you get to know the basics well.


I used exercism, but they are only excersises and not a tutorial.

I don't like the mentored mode, because even after nearly 3 months my exercise hasn't been reviewed by a mentor yet which is required to get further in progress when you are using the mentored mode.
But you can always switch to the independent mode which is okay, I guess.

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Here's the problem: exercism for Rust is so popular that the mentors are overloaded. Last time I checked, each mentor would have to give feedback to 20 submissions per week to not increase the load. Given that you don't want to wave through, but give actual feedback makes it harder. Also, for various reasons, not everyone is easy to give feedback to (or even open to feedback), which makes things hard.

If you read this and are interested in mentoring: please do! It's easy to try out and get started!

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Thanks for informing me.

There is no way I am ready in mentoring I have a lot to learn Rust :slight_smile: