Easiest way to delete Delete Rust Project

How to remove rust projects from my project parent directory that are not needed to clear up file space? Can I use cargo project_name?

Cargo projects are just folders. You can just delete the folder.


If you haven’t done this already for your project anyways, then it may be the case that freeing the majority of the used disk space used by your projects, without deleting the project, is achievable simply by removing the built artifacts from the projects in question via cargo clean. (Which in turn, I believe, does little more than just removing the generated target directories.) Source code is typically really low on disk usage, but the built artifacts of the code and all its dependencies can be a lot larger.

Of course if a project is really not needed anymore, feel free to proceed as @SebastianJL suggested to delete the whole thing.


Thank you all.
Appreciate the quick response.

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