How to correctly delete project?

For study I started a 2d graphical project from internet with many dependencies
cargo new game
it downloaded huge number crates
after that
cargo doc.. so on

after few dais I started this project again from beginning
cargo new game2..
cargo doc... so on

Today I decided to erase the big (>500mb each) folders and during the process got warning: Several hard links link to this file. Wiping this file will void all files linking to it.
I have deleted its.

Are my rust system, cargo, systems ok now?

My be safe way is cargo clean, cargo liquidate or something that ?

If you delete a package directory, nothing outside that directory should be affected. In general, though, cargo clean deletes any downloaded dependencies or generated documentation.

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When you say "wiping", do you mean removing the files? Or overwriting them with some random data ("shredding", "wiping", "overwriting")?

If you overwrite files that are hard-linked, I think there might be a problem.


yes, "..overwriting them with some random data.."

Ah, I couldn't fathom why deleting a hard link would affect the other links. The cargo cache of downloaded dependencies could have been broken by that.

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The correct procedure is to use a non-shredding deletion tool. Additionally, such tools are largely obsolete on solid-state drives and you should stop trying to use them. (Use cycled encryption key technology instead.)


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