Does Rocket support HTTP/2?

Hi. I am now taking a closer look at the various web frameworks available in Rust and while actix-web and warp explicitly mention the support for HTTP/2 , this is not the case with Rocket.

I had trouble finding precise information about Rocket. It does build on top of hyper, right?
If that is the case at least theoretically HTTP/2 support could be easy. But if it is not integrated yet is there any barrier to integrate it? (I can even consider doing myself, as HTTP/2 is a must for me).

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Rocket is based on hyper 0.13, which does support HTTP/2.

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Right. Thanks for the answer.

I was browsing the API and found an h1 concept only for HTTP/1.1. -
But searching the code I did not find any reference for h1. so maybe this concept is gone and the latest version simply relies on hyper.

Ultimately I will test if that works as I expected. But when I created the thread I was expecting someone would have already used it on that way.

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