Debugging cargo make build not finishing

Taking a look at using web assembly and I was trying to work through the tutorial below:

I'm running into some trouble during the first step particularly with cargo-make. When running the cargo make build command it does not finish. I'm still new to rust and since it's hanging I'm not sure where to look to se what is causing the hanging. It will stay on Build Done in 5 seconds for 20 minutes. Is there somewhere I should be looking to resolve this or be doing differently?

rustmart jcarty$  cargo make build
[cargo-make] INFO - cargo make 0.32.1
[cargo-make] INFO - Project: rustmart
[cargo-make] INFO - Build File: Makefile.toml
[cargo-make] INFO - Task: build
[cargo-make] INFO - Profile: development
[cargo-make] INFO - Running Task: build
[cargo-make] INFO - Running Task: build-watch
[cargo-make] INFO - Execute Command: "cargo" "watch" "-q" "-i" "static/*" "-x" "make --disable-check-for-updates --no-on-error --loglevel=info --profile=development --allow-private --skip-init-end-tasks --makefile=/Volumes/extrahdd/pycharm_projects/rustmart/Makefile.toml build"
[cargo-make][1] INFO - Project: rustmart
[cargo-make][1] INFO - Build File: /Volumes/extrahdd/pycharm_projects/rustmart/Makefile.toml
[cargo-make][1] INFO - Task: build
[cargo-make][1] INFO - Profile: development
[cargo-make][1] INFO - Running Task: build
[cargo-make][1] INFO - Execute Command: "wasm-pack" "build" "--dev" "--target" "web" "--out-name" "wasm" "--out-dir" "./static"
[INFO]: 🎯  Checking for the Wasm target...
[INFO]: 🌀  Compiling to Wasm...
   Compiling rustmart v0.1.0 (/Volumes/extrahdd/pycharm_projects/rustmart)
Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 4.78s
⚠️   [WARN]: origin crate has no README
[INFO]: ⬇️  Installing wasm-bindgen...
[INFO]: Optional fields missing from Cargo.toml: 'description', 'repository', and 'license'. These are not necessary, but recommended
[INFO]: ✨   Done in 5.34s
[INFO]: 📦   Your wasm pkg is ready to publish at /Volumes/extrahdd/pycharm_projects/rustmart/./static.
[cargo-make][1] INFO - Build Done in 5 seconds.

build might be a bad name for that task.
it seems it is doing build + watch. meaning it doesn't end and waits for any file changes to rerun the build.
this allows you to run your code, do code changes and see them without running the build manually as it will pick it up automatically.

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