Could we extend category help to multi-language?

There is more than one rust Chinese community, which cause community split, and user cannot find one place to get official information&solution update, etc.

Could we create a new category help/zh

No. Adding a new category like that is unnecessary and spams.

The official information is around and The Rust Programming Language · GitHub like:

AFAIK there seems to be few native Chinese speakers as a member in official teams. So you probably won't find an official person who can answer questions and give solutions in Chinese in the first place.

Rust is an inclusive and mutually supportive community. It doesn't matter whether the person who gives the solution or helps you is official or speaks Chinese.

Last but not least, the best way to keep a Chinese community[1] coherent is to join and contribute. There is an official stream for Chinese speaking people in zulip:, but no one speaks. This clearly shows a new language category won't help.

  1. is the activest for now in my opinion ↩︎

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